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Easter Eggs in The Big Lebowski

Easter Eggs in The Big Lebowski

Hey man, if you're a fan of The Big Lebowski, you might have noticed some hidden Easter eggs throughout the film. The Coen Brothers are known for their clever nods and references, and this cult classic is no exception. Let's dive into some of the most interesting Easter eggs you might have missed.

Steve Buscemi's Character Connection

Steve Buscemi's character Donny is the polar opposite of his character Carl Showalter in Fargo. While Donny can never get a word out without Walter telling him to "shut the f**k up," Carl chatters nonstop to his near-wordless crime accomplice in Fargo. This clever contrast is a nod to Buscemi's roles in the Coen Brothers' films.

Steve Buscemi as Donny from the big lebowski movie

Fargo Easter Egg

In the script, Bunny Lebowski's real name is Fawn Gunderson, sharing a surname with Fargo heroine Marge Gunderson. This implies a possible relation and is a subtle nod to the Coen Brothers' previous film.

Buscemi's Diminishing Body Parts

It's Coen lore that Buscemi's dead body has ended up in smaller and smaller parts throughout their filmography, finishing up as ashes in The Big Lebowski. This running gag is a darkly humorous Easter egg for fans of the Coen Brothers' films.

Lebowski Fest

The film has spawned its own festival, Lebowski Fest, which started in Kentucky in 2002 and has been held in various cities worldwide. This festival celebrates all things Big Lebowski and has even seen attendance from the film's stars. Now Lebowski fest is no longer in operation, but another called Achieve Fest. Check out their website for next years date!


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